RoadVac Central RV Vacuum - Brandy

Brandy's Experience with the RoadVac Central RV Vacuum

We used to go camping. It was so much fun. We love the keys. We have a relatively small camper. We have three children, my husband and me.  We have two dogs, so as you can imagine, we have a lot of dirt, a lot of crumbs, and a lot of dog hair.  We used to take our big vacuum from the house, but it's not very powerful. It's bulky.


“So we decided to get the RoadVac.”



It is super powerful.  It picks up everything. It's easy to store. It's about the size of a loaf of bread. It's got amazing section.  It's the best purchase we've ever made. It's been a lifesaver.

The thing about traveling with three children and two dogs is you end up with a lot of the dog hair and the crumbs that you've accumulated inside the camper.

But what happens is we go outside and we're, we're playing in the sand and we bring in dirt and we bring in sand, and it's impossible. It gets everywhere.

RoadVac boasts stronger than average suction power.

My children are very small, so we need not only do we need a vacuum, but we need a powerful vacuum was suction because it's frankly a mess. It comes down to when you're purchasing a vacuum, you need something with great section.

I mean that that's a vacuums main purpose. This vacuum delivers, erode back is fantastic.  It picks up everything and I mean everything. It's really great.

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