RoadVac Central RV Vacuum - Brian

Brian's Experience with the RoadVac Central RV Vacuum 


"So Doug, this, this RoadVac is truly amazing."


You know, we installed it in a closet.

The four screws made for very flexible mounting.
And my wife and I were both amazed at the powerful suction.
This thing is really, really something else.

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You know, we've got a dog, three grandkids, and they never clean their feet when coming into the trailer.

So just getting the dog hair alone off of the interior of the trailer was, was truly amazing.

And my wife and I, we had a Dyson vac and this thing died... and I think we using the battery as a doorstop.

So this, this is truly, truly amazing. We've never had such a powerful vacuum cleaner. Love it.

I can absolutely, highly recommend it.

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