RoadVac Central RV Vacuum - Chris

Chris's Experience with the Intervac RoadVac Central RV Vacuum

"Two kids and a dog and a wife, and an RV on the road...


"We won't be without our RoadVac."


Listen, this thing is compact.

If fits to the wall with four screws, it's got an eight foot hose that extends to 40 feet.
That means now I can go beyond my RV.

I can go on the stairs, get all that sand and debris that everybody thinks is not going to get tracked into the RV. But it does because it's there. It's on the feet.

The traffic ways are small, so I need something that can then pull out, be powerful, and then be put out of the way.

So I don't think we'll be on the road without our RoadVac... and it kills a Dyson.