RoadVac Central RV Vacuum - Prudence

Prudence's Experience with the Intervac RoadVac Central RV Vacuum 


The RoadVac is very lightweight, which is a new experience for me because...

I have an upright vacuum that I have to keep moving around and re-plugging it in and because I have arthritis in my back and my thumbs,
It's a very painful operation and I really like this system because it is very lightweight.

It doesn't have a canister. It has a long hose that extends to 40 feet and the wand is like 8 feet, so...

I can get as high as I need to, as low as I need to, and the tools that comes with this vacuum is a very smart idea.

I have in my old vac, a 12 inch crevice tool, but you have to bend over and get in the corner to do it.
This one [ the RoadVac ] has a long extension or you can actually stand up right and get into the corners and all the crevices.
I really think that's a smart idea and I like the way it can be installed.

You can install the system in a closet at a height that is good for you so you don't have to bend over to turn it off and on and it.

It's easy to install with the four screws that takes less than an hour.

So I'm happy with that because if I don't have to get someone to help me, I can do that part by myself.

And the bag with all of the tools that come with this... I think it's an extremely smart idea because you can see what's in there.
And I liked that idea. My upright vacuum has a spot on the vacuum for all the tools to be attached.

And as you're vacuuming, you're knocking the tools off and then you have to pick them up and put them someplace so that you won't knock them off again.

This mesh bag is a very smart idea and I would recommend this vacuum to anybody.